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  • Technology
    Ethereum ERC-20
  • Token type
  • Total Generated
  • Pre-mined Tokens
  • Date of foundation
  • Beginning of development
  • Collaborators
  • Invested so far
  • Expended so far
    near €220.000

We are creating a safe and comfortable environment for global commerce through Blockchain technology

How are we doing this

Our Global MarketPlace has been developed to perfectly adapt to the customs and online purchasing preferences of buyers from every continent and large region of the planet.
This is only possible because we support and work with OpenSource technology, which ensures the contribution of advanced developers and users to the advancement of the platform, because they also benefit from this development.

The entire scope of the project was defined to provide unique security options that guarantee the success of transactions for all parties, and to make participants feel confident and comfortable when carrying out purchase and sale operations of products and services through cryptocurrencies and Tokens TMG, without banking, government, payment of high fees and taxes, and instantly.


Merchant validation

When registering, every merchant undergoes initial and extensible validation in up to three phases, ensuring that he is a legitimate person with good intentions.


Integrated self-governance

The self-governance layer calculates "Scores" for users and takes automatic actions to prevent fraudulent users.


Reviews and Ratings

The recommendations of other users, facilitates confidence by the valuable information they offer about certain products and services.


Multiphase payment

The flexible usability allows the parties involved to easily select negotiation terms and conditions for payment release.


Arbitrated disputes

Trusted users can sign up as arbitrators and receive tokens for assistance in disputes, contributing to the self-governance core.


It's just the beginning

We still have a lot to develop! Our team is committed to bringing more innovative and affordable solutions.