• Token name
  • Label/Symbol
  • Technology
    Ethereum ERC-20
  • Token type
  • Total Generated
  • Pre-mined Tokens
  • Date of foundation
  • Beginning of development
  • Collaborators
  • Invested so far
  • Expended so far
    near €220.000

Our action plan

We believe it is important to share our planning and ambitions with respect for the open community. We are constantly developing and building something big, but time consuming.

Jan 2020

Start of development

First meetings to architect the entire construction of the project, hiring consultancy, and building the development team. After that decision we would have a lot of work ahead.
Nov 2020

Start of public disclosure

With substantial work to present, we let the world know about our existence, what we believe and what we are doing.
Nov 2020

Token Publishing

We published our Token TMG on the Ethereum blockchain and made it available to the first strategic business partners as a way of testing and validating usability.
Jan 2021

Opening for public purchase

Possibilities for purchasing TMG Tokens will be opened up to the general public. Anyone can purchase directly, and store them however they want.
Mar 2021

MarketPlace Global Launch

Everything will start to be worthwhile. Our Global MarketPlace will be available in a complete and validated version, allowing people from all over the world to trade with each other, simply and easily.
Mar 2021

OpenSource code publishing

We will make our GitHub repository publicly available to the entire community, accepting contributions and providing the entire technology structure to users who want to use it completely or in part.
Jun 2021

Mobile Application Launch

Further expanding accessibility and bringing perfect usability in the palm of any user's hands, our MarketPlace Global will be available in iOS and Android versions.
Dez 2021

Presentation of the Blockchain WorldTMG project

We will introduce the community of users and supporters of TheMIG to our own Blockchain project, with the aim of bringing specificity in cryptographic solutions to the Global E-commerce market.
Jan 2022

Opening of Global MarketPlace for public participation

People will be able to directly benefit from the platform's growth, becoming partners as in share roles.
Jul 2022

Launch of own blockchain

After validation and improvements by the community, we will start the first Blockchain WorldTMG server.
Aug 2022

Ecosystem migration to Blockchain WorldTMG

The whole TheMIG ecosystem will work in our own ecosystem, bringing more savings, speed and possibilities to all users.

Yes, we have a lot of work ahead...

We still have a lot to add and we want to mature our project! We believe that through OpenSource code possibilities our execution will be even bigger and better structured.


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