• Token name
  • Label/Symbol
  • Technology
    Ethereum ERC-20
  • Token type
  • Total Generated
  • Pre-mined Tokens
  • Date of foundation
  • Beginning of development
  • Collaborators
  • Invested so far
  • Expended so far
    near €220.000

Frequently asked and questions

Is TheMIG an ICO?
No. Like Telegram Project, TheMIG at the beginning of its development received private investment so that the costs of integral development, maintenance and project management were met. Therefore, the project does not fit into an ICO, and does not require fundraising for project development
Is TheMIG an investment platform/cryptocurrency?
No. TheMIG does not qualify as an investment platform, investment asset or financial product. The objective of TMG Tokens is to facilitate international trade on the Internet between ordinary people in a simple and practical way, in addition to serving as a stable value Token.
How do i purchase TMG Tokens?
TMG tokens are only available to be purchased by platforms and partner companies during the testing and validation period. The public purchase of TMG Tokens will be available on 2020/1/1.
What can I do with my TMG Tokens?
TMG tokens can be used to purchase products and services globally through MarketPlace supported by TheMIG, and as a form of payment of values. To know all the benefits of TMG Tokens, navigate to the session "TMG Token".
Are there any risks when buying TMG Tokens?
Yes! The purchase of TMG Tokens presents risks, mainly due to commercial factors, market acceptance and legal interventions. Don't buy with money that you can't afford to lose. To be aware of all the risks offered, view our "Risk Disclaimer".

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