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  • Technology
    Ethereum ERC-20
  • Token type
  • Total Generated
  • Pre-mined Tokens
  • Date of foundation
  • Beginning of development
  • Collaborators
  • Invested so far
  • Expended so far
    near €220.000

TMG: A stable token with value based on real savings and created for global online commerce

TMG was designed to be a smart contract with a stable value and its sustained appreciation in the real economy and value equivalent to the Euro (EUR).

  • It is built on an open, distributed and shared data layer to promote transparency and collaboration;
  • Immediately allows buyers and sellers around the world to trade with each other without difficult currency conversions or tariffs;
  • Promotes personal freedom by not allowing a corporation or central government to impose arbitrary and often onerous rules on how to do business;

The future of digital payments: Security, transparency and low cost

Fortunately, individuals now have a global financial platform, on which they can trade without having to beg for the state's blessing on perfectly legitimate operations. Preventing the free movement of capital across borders is one more thing that no government can do with cryptocurrencies.
Blockchain transactions are decentralized, and can be carried out without the control of governments or companies, and are naturally tax-free.

We find in cryptocurrencies a way to justice and accessibility, bringing inclusion and access to financial services

Even today, almost 2 billion people worldwide do not have access to financial services. This is approximately a quarter of the global population. Having no place to put savings and not being able to obtain a bank card, obtain credit or enjoy basic services is a real disadvantage that creates social injustice. These people are effectively unable to participate in their local economies - at least significantly.

As part of the TheMIG ecosystem, TMG offers the opportunity to integrate anyone with internet access into a stable Token for cashless payment. Now, each person can be "Owner of their own bank".